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Technical Support

Technical Questions and Problems:

These are questions and problems CSUMentor Technical Support can help you with. Please click on a specific question or problem for a detailed answer.

Applying Online

Browser Issues

Error Messages

Logon Problems

Miscellaneous Questions

Printing Problems

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Applying to multiple campuses and Saving Information

You may apply to more than one school by starting a new application with the same logon name and password. With the exception of the San Luis Obispo application, all of the information from your first application will transfer to the new applications automatically. After completing one application and starting a new one, you only have to fill out the first screen, which contains campus-specific information. You will need to verify the information on the remaining screens. After doing so, you may submit the new application by clicking SUBMIT on the left column of your screen.

The application also automatically saves your information every time you click SAVE, NEXT, PREV, or one of the main numbered buttons along the left-hand column of each application screen.

A screen/page of the application will NOT save:

  1. if there are unresolved red arrows appearing onscreen immediately after you click SAVE, NEXT, or PREV;
  2. if you use LOGOFF with unresolved red arrows or without first saving the screen;
  3. if you use the SKIP TO ANOTHER SCREEN feature on the left column of the screen to move to another screen with unresolved red arrows or without first saving the screen; or
  4. if you simply leave the application (by going elsewhere on the web or closing your web browser) without first saving that screen.

Closed Majors, Terms and Campuses

If you have received a closed message of a major, term or campus, please check the status here.

If you are certain a particular major, term and campus is open please contact the campus directly.

Confirmation Screen

To see the confirmation screen of a school to which you have applied, log on, select the year you applied, and go to the application manager screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the application manager. The name of the campus should be displayed with the word [VIEW] under the confirmation section. Click on [VIEW] and you will see the confirmation screen of the school.

Transfer and High School Information

High school student cannot pass college information page:

If you have not previously attended college, please return to the enrollment information screen using the SKIP TO ANOTHER SCREEN menu on the left and make sure you have selected the first option, "Graduating high school senior without college credit", in the ENTRY STATUS box. This option specifies that you have not taken college courses while still in high school. When you save that screen again, you will notice that the college information screens will no longer be required and you will be able to submit your application.

Transfer student cannot pass high school information page:

If you are applying as a lower-division transfer student (entering as a freshman or sophomore), you must provide the high school information or contact the admission office of the campus to which you are applying in order to determine if you can have that information provided in a different manner than within the online application.

Not enough room for classes

If the amount of classes exceeds the amount of space on the application, you will need to attach a copy of your transcript along with a printed-out copy of your confirmation screen. Please send these to the admission office explaining why they did not fit. If you have any questions about this please contact the admission office of the CSU campus to which you are applying.

WRONG WAY message

Applications should be navigated through the buttons on the CSUMentor web screen rather than the Back and Forward buttons on your web browser. The WRONG WAY message can also be caused by:

  1. Filing and using a bookmark to any part of the CSUMentor site beyond a logon screen; or
  2. Using the drop-down list on your location/address bar.

If you have just encountered the WRONG WAY screen, please try logging on again through the CSUMentor Home Page.

If you receive the WRONG WAY message again after following these instructions, please contact us through the CSUMentor Student Support contact page. It will help if you provide your username, the WWW address of the screen you were on immediately preceding the WRONG WAY message, and a description of what you were clicking on when the message appeared.

Fee waiver and EOP

A fee-waiver calculator is built in the online application and is up to date with the figures for the term to which you're applying. The result will indicate whether or not you meet the current requirements for a fee waiver (subject to review by the campus). Eligible applicants may have fee waivers for a maximum of four applications. If you have already been granted the waiver for the term to which you're applying, and the online application rejects your fee waiver eligibility, please contact the admission office of the campus to which you're applying for further help.

If you are on the fee waiver page and do not wish to apply for the online fee waiver, simply select no and proceed to the next page. On the last screen, be sure to review your application for accuracy. If you have completed the application please click on the submit button located on the bottom of the Review screen, or on the left-hand side as shown below.


Browser Requirements

CSUMentor is web-based and only requires an Internet connection and browser to use. We recommend using the compatible browsers and configurations listed below in order to get the best use out of the system.

Compatible Browsers Effective July 1, 2016

Note: other operating system/browser combinations will likely work, but are not actively tested or officially supported.

Browser Configurations

The following must also be installed or configured in order to use critical applications on this website:

  • Adobe Reader (download)
  • QuickTime (download)
  • Pop-up blockers disabled or configured to allow pop-up windows from this website
  • JavaScript and Cookies enabled (see our privacy policy)

Blank screen with an HTTP 404 error.

Wait several minutes and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us through the CSUMentor Student Support contact page.

Cannot connect to server screen

This can occur for several reasons. First of all, please be sure your Internet connection or Internet service provider is functioning properly. This may also occur due to incompatibility of web browsers lacking the necessary 128-bit encryption. Please click here for instructions on how to upgrade your web browser.

If you are certain the above are fully functional, we may be experiencing temporary server difficulties. Please wait several minutes and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us through the CSUMentor Student Support contact page.

Red error messages

The red text at the top of the page indicates that there were errors or omissions on that page of your application. If you don't have all the information for that page at hand or otherwise cannot complete the page, you can skip to another page by clicking one of the page numbers displayed in the drop-down list under the SKIP TO ANOTHER SCREEN function on the left column as shown below.

Skip & Jump

You will have to refill that screen when you return to it.

A check mark on the left column indicates only that a screen has been saved as shown below. If you have skipped a screen where newer information has triggered the red arrow(s), the new information will not be saved until you return and complete the screen.


If the screen error message indicates that a field was entered incorrectly, check your data carefully. If the screen still presents a problem, please contact us through the CSUMentor Student Support contact page.

Script error messages

If you received an error that reads, "error on script of this page," this is a result of your web browser software. Your browser may either be outdated or may have its Java and JavaScript settings turned off. Please make sure these settings are selected under your web browser's preferences. If these settings are already selected please try to upgrade your browser to the latest version. Click here for instructions on how to upgrade your web browser.

Logon Problems

If you have newly created an account and the system is rejecting your username and password, go back to the create account screen. You may have selected a username that has already been taken. Please try to select a unique username; you may want to try adding numbers to your username, (e.g., johndoe1234). If you are certain you have entered correct information you may need to upgrade your web browser software. The logon button requires a browser with 128-bit encryption. To upgrade your current web browser click here.

If you have received an error message that states you must be 13 years of age or older please be sure you are typing your birthday in the mm/dd/yyyy format. Be sure to use / between the month, day, and year. (e.g., 05/26/1981)

If you have forgotten your username or password you can search for your password and username by going to and following the instructions. If you know your username, enter it and click search. If you do not remember your username, scroll down and fill in your first and last names and middle initial. It will ask you the question you entered when you created your account and if your answer matches the one you supplied earlier, your information will be provided on the next screen. If you are unable to recover your username and password this way, please contact us through the CSUMentor Student Support contact page.

International Student: How do I fill out my address and telephone number information?

To select an international state/province and country, click the "Find" button next to the state/province field (if applicable). If there is no international state/province field, select "Foreign country" under U.S. state/territory and select your country from the country list. International students should leave zip code fields blank. Provide mailing code information in the "International postal code" entry. If you need to leave an additional mailing code, add it within the city field. For telephone numbers, some applications are formatted for U.S. and Canadian numbers only. If your telephone number format does not fit in the entry or causes an error message, please leave that telephone number entry blank.

What if I am unable to apply using the online application?

If you do not wish to upgrade your browser or change your settings to accept cookies and/or JavaScript so that you can apply using the online application, you may print out a paper copy of the application using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click here to download and/or view the CSU applications from the California State University website

What is a CEEB code?

Some university applications will require a CEEB code entry for any high school or college previously attended. A CEEB code identifies U.S. high schools and colleges. If you went to school in the U.S., the CEEB code should automatically be indicated once you identify your school from the FIND list. If your school and/or CEEB code are not listed, you can get the information by calling your school administration or academic counseling office. If you attended a school or university outside of the U.S., there may not be a CEEB code for your institution.

Can I print my application?

You will be able to print your online application before and after submitting.

If you tried to print your confirmation screen or application and your screen froze it is due to the incompatibility of your web browser software. Please click here for information on how to upgrade your browser software. If you need to access your confirmation screen information please click here for instructions on how to do so.

If you intend to print blank screens of the online application in order to fill it out by hand and mail it in, please note:

  1. If you have encountered a problem with the online application and the information on this screen or the Help pages have not been helpful, we want to know about it and get your questions answered, so please contact us through the CSUMentor Student Support contact page for further help or to let us know how we can improve the CSUMentor website.
  2. If you are an international student, please see CSUMentor's College and Campus Help section and/or contact the campus you are interested in and ask for their international student office. In some cases, international student applications are different from the application used by students from the United States.
  3. For U.S. students, the online application asks all of the same questions as the PDF version, but it is not in the same layout. The Acrobat Reader (PDF) format of the admission application is on this website.
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