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Comparative View

Using the Comparative View

The Comparative View allows you to view specific information for each of the California State University campuses. You may click on any of the headings to sort the information for that category. The information may be sorted from highest to lowest or lowest to highest by clicking on the arrow at the side of the column you are on.

Definition of Terms

Location: The geographic region where the campus is located within the state of California.

Setting: The type of area where the campus is located such as large city or town.

Fees only: Total fees for a California resident to attend the campus full time for one full academic year, including the CSU State University Fee and required campus-based fees. Students not classified as California residents must pay an additional $339 per semester unit ($226 per quarter unit).

Est. total cost living on campus: The total estimated costs to attend a campus full time for one full academic year, including fees, books and supplies, food and housing, transportation, and personal expenses. Students not classified as California residents must pay an additional $339 per semester unit ($226 per quarter unit).

Total enrollment: The total number of students (graduate and undergraduate) enrolled at the campus.

On-Campus housing: Indicates whether or not college-owned or -operated housing is available to undergraudates.

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Campus Location Setting Fees only Sort high to lowEst. total cost
living on campus
Total enrollment
CSU Bakersfield Southern California Major City $5,341 $17,983 8,720
CSU Monterey Bay Central California Large Town $4,721 $18,591 6,631
Cal Poly Pomona Southern California Large Town $4,812 $18,609 23,966
CSU Stanislaus Central California Large Town $5,302 $19,142 9,045
CSU Los Angeles Southern California Major City $4,847 $19,610 24,488
CSU San Bernardino Southern California Small/Medium City $5,049 $19,683 18,952
CSU Fullerton Southern California Small/Medium City $4,866 $20,018 38,128
CSU Dominguez Hills Southern California Large Town $4,849 $20,197 14,687
CSU Long Beach Southern California Small/Medium City $4,810 $20,675 36,809
CSU Fresno Central California Small/Medium City $4,878 $20,796 23,179
Cal Maritime Northern California Large Town $5,294 $20,812 1,070
Humboldt State University Northern California Small Town $5,755 $20,995 8,485
CSU San Marcos Southern California Large Town $5,124 $21,478 12,150
San Jose State University Central California Major City $5,370 $21,586 32,697
CSU Chico Northern California Small/Medium City $5,620 $21,642 17,462
CSU Sacramento Northern California Major City $5,194 $21,772 29,349
Sonoma State University Northern California Large Town $5,580 $21,808 9,120
CSU East Bay Northern California Major City $5,091 $21,815 14,823
CSU Channel Islands Southern California Large Town $5,085 $22,209 Not Available
San Diego State University Southern California Major City $5,206 $22,306 33,483
CSU Northridge Southern California Major City $5,076 $22,931 40,131
San Francisco State University Northern California Major City $5,014 $23,476 29,465
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Central California Large Town $6,780 $28,864 20,186

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Fees only and Est. total cost living on campus reflect 2010 - 11 figures.

The information in the Comparative View is provided and updated by third parties including the respective colleges and universities. While the colleges and universities are able to update the Comparative View information at any time and this section, thereby, has the potential to offer the most accurate and up-to-date information available, the information is not independently validated, and no party associated with this website can accept responsibility for its accuracy.

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