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Lower Division Pre-major Courses

Many majors require or recommend introductory or prerequisite courses, most of which are offered in California Community Colleges. These pre-major requirements are described in CSU campus catalogs. Most CSU campuses have articulation agreements with several California Community Colleges specifying coursework taken at California Community Colleges that can satisfy lower division requirements for the major. Check the articulation agreement to be sure your courses will be accepted toward the degree at the CSU campus you plan to attend. You can obtain articulation agreements for specific majors from your counselor, transfer center director, or through

A few CSU majors, such as engineering, some math-based fields, science, and other technical majors, have so many pre-major requirements that you may not be able to complete all lower division general education requirements before you transfer. You should see your counselor to determine which courses can be completed after you transfer.

The CSU has developed a program — CSU Transfer Road Maps — that specifies lower division pre-major requirements for the highest demand majors. Please review the CSU Transfer Road Maps section for more information.

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