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Certification of General Education Requirements

California Community Colleges and other qualified institutions can certify completion of up to 39 lower division semester units applicable to GE-Breadth requirements or a total package of 37 semester units for IGETC.

"Certification" refers to official notification from a California Community College that a transfer student has completed courses fulfilling CSU lower division general education requirements.

After you have applied for admission to a CSU campus, you should visit your California Community College admission or counseling office to request certification of courses meeting CSU lower-division general education requirements.

The California Community College will then officially notify a CSU campus that these requirements have been met. CSU campuses will also accept certification of courses meeting the CSU graduation requirement in U.S. History, the Constitution, and American Ideals.

Certification of General Education-Breadth Courses: CSU campuses will accept certification of one or more complete areas (e.g., all of the units required for Area A) or up to 39 lower division semester units for GE-Breadth or 37 lower division semester units for IGETC.

It is important that you request certification of general education coursework. Certification will ensure that a CSU campus accepts all your courses in the areas in which the coursework is certified. Your counselor can provide more information about certification.

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