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Math and English Skills

Students preparing for enrollment in the CSU are expected to develop strong English and mathematics skills while in high school. In addition to the minimum college preparatory courses required for admission to CSU, students are encouraged to continue in math courses through the senior year of high school and enroll in the most rigorous English and mathematics courses offered by the high school. In order to improve English competencies, students are encouraged to read as much as possible while in school and during summers. Students should develop writing skills by using high school assignments in English and other subjects to prepare well-developed papers that incorporate critical analysis wherever possible.

Annually, approximately 45 percent of first-time freshmen who enroll at CSU are required to enroll in remedial courses in English and/or mathematics to sharpen their skills. Enrolling in one to four non-baccalaureate level remedial courses will cost additional money and time. You can avoid having to take these courses by getting prepared now.

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