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9th Grade Suggested Courses and Activities

  • Take challenging courses that satisfy CSU's college admission requirements: Algebra I or Geometry, college prep English, and a language other than English. Note: If you didn't take Algebra I in middle school be sure to take it in the 9th grade.

  • Aim for A and B grades in all of your classes. Focus on your class work and your homework to develop the study skills you will need to succeed in college.

  • Check with the math teacher to see if your school participates in the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project, a readiness assessment test that determines your math level.

  • Participate in school orientation to learn about the different activities available at your high school. Join clubs, play sports, and volunteer. Take elective courses that interest you and that meet CSU's admission requirements such as music, art, theater, or a language other than English.

  • Use the High School Course Planner provided on this website. This planner will help you choose the high school courses you need to meet CSU admission requirements.

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