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10th Grade Suggested Courses and Activities

  • Take Geometry or Algebra II, college prep English, and a language other than English.

  • Try to earn A and B grades in all your classes. Studying hard in high school will help prepare you for college coursework.

  • Update your High School Course Planner with the courses you complete in the 10th grade and those you plan to take in the 11th grade.

  • Focus on your class work and your homework to develop the study skills you will need to succeed in college.

  • Take part in enrichment programs, special summer workshops or camps at CSU campuses in music, science, engineering, writing, filmmaking, theater, language, and many other subjects.

  • Sign up with your school counselor to take ASPIRE (a preliminary ACT test) to prepare for the ACT. ASPIRE can help you prepare for success in college.

  • Visit your counseling office to sign up for the PSAT (Preliminary SAT). This test will help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

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