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CSU Ed.D. Programs in Educational Leadership

The CSU Ed.D. programs represent an innovative professional doctorate in education that explicitly aim to achieve high levels of quality and relevance. These significant doctoral programs for educational leaders were authorized by the California Legislature in order to respond to the urgent need for well-prepared administrators to lead California’s public schools and community colleges.

CSU Ed.D. programs are designed to equip leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve reforms to improve student achievement. Each program uses a common framework that builds on nationally recognized P-12 and Community College professional standards and competencies for leaders.

The Ed.D. programs link theory, research, and practice in programs that are directly relevant to P-12 and Community College needs in specific regions. They are unique doctoral programs that are aimed at training future leaders to have a significant impact on the state’s educational needs. These doctoral programs are directly responsive to regional needs and are characterized by strong partnerships with P-12 and Community College practitioners. The partnerships include substantial and ongoing collaborations with local educational partners working together on program design, recruitment and admission, teaching, and program assessment and evaluation. They reflect the CSU commitment within its strategic plan, Access to Excellence, to strengthening the cross-sector strategies and structures that are essential to enhancing student preparation and achievement.

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