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CSU Accommodation of Students from the Gulf Area Affected by Hurricane Katrina

  • Students from the Gulf Coast areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama affected by Hurricane Katrina, even those who lack proper academic documents, may be admitted conditionally for the Fall 2005 term.
  • Their enrollment status for subsequent terms will depend upon the as-yet-unknown ability of schools, colleges, and universities in the Gulf region to provide transcripts and other documentation.

Eleven CSU campuses have some spaces available in their fall classes.

Bakersfield (661) 664-3036
Chico (530) 898-6322
Dominguez Hills (310) 243-2004
East Bay (510) 885-3000
Humboldt (866) 850-9556
Los Angeles (323) 343-3100
Monterey Bay (831) 502-3580
Sacramento (916) 278-3901
San Bernardino (909) 537-5188
San Jose (408) 924-7029
Sonoma (707) 664-2074

Four "open" campuses use quarter calendars, i.e. classes have yet to begin:

Bakersfield - classes begin 9/13
East Bay - classes begin 9/22
Los Angeles - classes begin 9/22
San Bernardino - classes begin 9/22

Six of the "open" campuses are on a semester calendar

Class start dates are indicated below. (Note that many campuses may be able to accommodate additional enrollment and will admit students up to the first two weeks of classes.)

Even though classes may have begun, some of these campuses may be able to accommodate Katrina-affected students:

Chico - classes began 8/22
Dominguez Hills - classes began 8/29
Humboldt - classes began 8/22
Monterey Bay - classes began 8/22
Sacramento - classes began 8/29
San Jose - classes began 8/24
Sonoma - classes began 8/24

Enrollment at other CSU campuses

  • Enrollment by Katrina-affected students at the other twelve CSU campuses will be at the option of those campuses on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students wishing to seek assistance at the other 16 CSU campuses should contact the campus admissions offices directly.
  • Special Steps That The CSU is Taking to Assist Katrina Affected Students

    Admission and Enrollment

    • Suspend temporarily the requirement that all admissions documents be received prior to enrollment.
    • Suspend the requirement to document completion of specific college preparatory requirements for first-time freshmen from Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama (missing courses would have to be completed at CSU).
    • Suspend the requirement to document completion of basic skills courses by transfer students prior to enrollment (missing courses would have to be completed at CSU).
    • Waive the normal placement test requirements for students enrolling from the Katrina-affected areas.

    State University Fee, Campus Fees, Housing Fees, and Other Charges

    • Katrina-affected students from Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama will be billed for the State University Fee, all campus fees, housing fees (if residing on campus), and other appropriate fees.
    • CSU campuses will provide flexible deferred payment plans and account receivables as appropriate.

    Non-Resident Tuition

    • Students who are residents of the Katrina-affected areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama will be exempt from payment of non-resident tuition.


    • Campuses providing access to students from the Katrina-affected areas of the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama will either provide on-campus housing or assist the student in securing housing off-campus.
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