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Application Deadline:
December 15

(May 1 for Australia & South Africa)

Welcome to the CSU International Programs Study Abroad Online Application!

The purpose of this online application is to provide you, the student, a fast, easy, and convenient way to apply for the CSU systemwide study abroad program. In order to apply online, you will need to have a free CSUMentor account. If you do not have an account with us, you may create one by clicking the "click here to go to the application" link at the bottom of this page and clicking the "create an account" button near the bottom of the log on page.

For more information regarding the study abroad program including program requirements, costs, and participating countries, or for contact information for your campus IP coordinator, click here.

All students who apply to the CSU International Programs are required to submit faculty recommendations.  Please read the instructions page for details about who you should ask to write your recommendations and how many recommendations you need to submit. If you would like to start by printing out the recommendation forms, click the links below:

  • Faculty recommendations – You must have two college instructors who are familiar with your recent academic work complete faculty recommendation forms for you. One recommendation form must come from a faculty member or graduate teaching assistant in your major department (minor where relevant). Do not request recommendations from employers, university staff, or administrators who have not had you as a student in a course.

  • Foreign language faculty recommendation – This recommendation is required from students who will be studying at the intermediate and advanced levels in the host country's language, including all native speakers, for Chile, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan. (Not required of students in beginning, “Learn Language” programs or those applying for Japan.)

  • Thank you for your interest in CSU International Programs!

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